We're in business to make roads safer.
Our mission is to make roads safer by reducing all potential risks for drivers and road workers. Our first step towards fulfilling this mission is developing, advancing, and distributing the Python® machine, which automatically patches potholes in a safe cabin with just one operator without disrupting traffic. Python® is the pioneering solution that aligns with our company's mission.

Python® prioritizes safety for both drivers and road workers. Through efficient pothole patching, Python® minimizes on-road hazards, ensuring a safer driving experience. It also creates a secure working environment for road workers, enabling them to carry out their tasks with reduced risks.

With determination and perseverance, we are steadily working towards achieving our mission of safer roads for everyone.

Core Values

At our company, we are guided by a set of core values that drive our mission and shape our business practices:

Safety is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring the safety of all drivers on the road, road workers, and mobile assets. It is a value that permeates every aspect of our business as we strive to create a safer road environment.

We are dedicated to producing the most efficient products. We aim to protect human safety by providing innovative solutions that optimize productivity and minimize downtime. We continuously strive to deliver cost-effective products that maximize efficiency and value for our customers.

We embrace cutting-edge technology to uphold our core values. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we can develop and offer solutions that align with our commitment to safety and efficiency. We leverage technology to drive innovation and improve the effectiveness of our products and services.

These core values define who we are as a company and guide us in our pursuit of excellence. We remain steadfast in our commitment to safety, efficiency, and leveraging technology to impact the road industry positively.


Our slogan is our promise to continue to raise the bar toward achieving our mission.


Python SuperiorRoads, headquartered in Regina, SK, Canada, has a rich history. The origins of their flagship product, the Python® 5000 (formerly known as Patchrite), can be traced back to Sweeprite Mfg., a company established in the 1970s. In 2012, Sweeprite transformed into Python Manufacturing, later rebranding as SuperiorRoads Solutions in August 2014. In November 2017, new owners, Samart Air Chamber, acquired the Pothole Patcher line. Today, Python SuperiorRoads manufactures these products in Canada. Despite the changes in name and ownership, the company's unwavering dedication to producing innovative, reliable, high-quality products has remained constant.