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"If you surveyed your city population about their road conditions, there’s a good chance that they would
mention potholes as being the biggest nuisance. Fixing potholes is no easy task and usually involves shutting down lanes for an extended period of time while multiple workers fill them by hand. Join this webinar to learn about an innovative solution: The Python® 5000+. This self-propelled machine allows for a single user to quickly fix potholes and continuous cracks from the safety of the cab, in nearly all weather conditions."


Rick Gillis from Thunder Bay

Pothole Patcher Product Line Changes Ownership

We are happy to announce that the Pothole Patcher product lines (Python 5000 and SR 6000) have been purchased by Smart Air Chamber Inc. The newly-formed, Regina-based company being created by this purchase will take the SuperiorRoads name.

Dr. Kyungwon Yun, CEO of Smart Air Chamber and the new SuperiorRoads Solutions and Python Manufacturing, is excited about this new opportunity. He says, “Our company purchased several Python 5000s over the past couple of years, and recognized their great potential.” And when company officials came to visit the manufacturing plant in Regina, they became enthusiastic about Regina as a good place to do business.

Smart Air Chamber has made innovative and cutting-edge technological breakthroughs in crash cushion impact protection for roads, work zones and monitoring systems. It currently manufactures Truck Mounted Attenuators and Air Cushion Barriers for roads, and provides Road Safety Management & Monitoring services.

The new company has taken on both the product line and many of the people from the existing company, who have been working to create this innovative road repair equipment. As a result of the sale, no jobs will be lost and new jobs will be created.

The existing SuperiorRoads Solutions and Rite Way Mfg. were jointly-owned by a group of investors headed by a management group along with Golden Opportunities Fund and Business Development Bank. It will be business as usual for Rite Way Mfg., and the remaining employees not moving to the new company, along with the sweeper product line, will continue on with Rite Way Mfg.

Heather Forbes, who is President and CEO of the current SuperiorRoads Solutions and Rite Way Mfg., predicts growth for both the new and existing companies. She says, “Rite Way is growing, and is expanding its market. This will give us the opportunity to focus on the farm equipment industry and continue our growth pattern.”

Both Yun and Forbes are focused on expansion here in Saskatchewan and building for both the roads and the agricultural industries.


For more information, contact: info@superiorroads.com

Smooth Rides Ahead in Montreal

The citizens of Montreal, Quebec, and its surrounding boroughs will soon be seeing more and more self-propelled pothole patchers from SuperiorRoads on their streets, and fewer and fewer potholes.

Last year, Montreal-based road maintenance company Les Enterprises Myrroy purchased 6 SuperiorRoads SR 5000 pothole patchers and began work on the streets of Montreal. Before awarding new contracts, the City undertook a comprehensive study to determine the best method of repairing their roads, including traditional methods such as spray patchers. After a thorough analysis, all 10 available road maintenance contracts were awarded to Myrroy to maintain the major streets and roads of Montreal and its surrounding boroughs with the SuperiorRoads SR 5000.

This Canadian-made product from SuperiorRoads is the only one-person operated pothole repair machine that uses standard asphalt mixes to produce compacted, long-lasting patches. The operator stays safely in the unit’s cab while repairing the average pothole in less than 2 minutes. The SR 5000 can be used in nearly all weather conditions, including rain and subzero temperatures – something that cannot be done using other methods.

The SuperiorRoads SR 5000 will patrol the major city streets and repair potholes when they first appear. By keeping the roads in good condition, the city will be able to delay resurfacing those roads for years. That means a potential savings of millions of dollars for the city. It also means fewer repair costs for the city’s drivers as damage to their vehicles from potholes becomes a thing of the past. Even more importantly, this unit will keep city workers safely out of heavy traffic. Traditional repair methods meant workers had to be out on the roads with little protection against the traffic. With the SuperiorRoads SR 5000, the repairs are carried out by one person who stays safely inside the unit.

SuperiorRoads is also currently demonstrating the newest version of their Canadian-made sweepers – the 4.6 mcapacity S3 – to the province’s largest contracting groups in the Montreal area.